Germain Murillo Photography


We are a small photography studio based in Westminster, Colorado, in the Denver metropolitan area.

German Murillo, photographer with 20 years experience, has worked in different photography fields, photojournalism, documentary, editorial, scenic and commercial photography. At the beginning he worked in film format and got wide experience in the dark room process; moving later to the digital workflow with emphasis in photoshop postproduction and recently is turning his eyes toward the wet plate photography and 19th century print techniques to nurture his art projects.

We do photography and graphic and interactive design.

Portraits with style, fine art and commercial photography.

The style is a right, not a prize awarded to only a few. As a right of free choice it is, everyone can take it or leave it, and should not require major additional cost or effort to get the pleasure given by the emotion of harmony.

We photograph people, artists, musicians, year book, artists books, engagement, wedding, family, business or corporate portraits. We shoot still life, product shoots, editorial assignments, documentary stories, commercial photography in our studio, on location, in or outdoor.

We do graphic / interactive design.

We do corporate image developments, design and release to printers or web developers brochures, magazines, logos, stationary. We do books from scratch or working together with editorial directors.

We do marketing developments and advertising campaigns. Design and development of web sites, facebook pages and online banners.

We are Passionate, dominated and easily affected by the intense emotion of making photography.

Experienced, we have worked in many different photographic fields to bring a special optic to the way we photograph. We nurture the experience with our background in graphic design, with our special taste for movies and passionate love for music and theater. At the end what is a photograph if not a performance composed with shapes and hues awakening deep feelings in our inner self.

Multicultural, We have lived in North America for ten years. But our motherland is in South America, our forefathers came from Spain, our taste delights for spices which came from India and the music that shakes our bodies spread from Africa. We like the composition taught at the german Bauhaus, the colors in Tamayo, the delicacy in Japanese art, and Bansky's irreverential brilliance.

We are not Specialized: We try to focus our photography in just a few bodies of work keeping the concept in each of them and evolving the aesthetics in all of them with every experience we have. But we can not specialize in only one kind of subject.

If you invest in photography for your business, invest with style.

Contact German: 1-303 596 2561 • • twitter: germanmurillo •